Chrissy Reitz for State Senate

Chrissy Reitz:

Caring for Oregon, Working for Us

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About Chrissy

Chrissy Reitz is a former Neonatal Intensive Care nurse, a school board member, a mom and an active community volunteer. As a parent and school board member, Chrissy knows that education is the key to opportunity and she’s running for State Senate to make sure our public schools have the resources they need.

As chair of the Hood River School Board, Chrissy has championed policies to make sure school funding goes to the classroom so we can hire more teachers and expand access to career and technical education. An active community volunteer, Chrissy founded the Gorge Kids Triathlon, an annual event that partners with local businesses to bring more than 300 kids and their families to the Hood River Waterfront to swim, bike, and run to raise money for physical education classes in local public schools.

Chrissy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Colorado in Boulder and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Kansas School of Nursing. She and her husband Max live in Hood River with their two school-age children, Joe and Jill.


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Quality Education

“As a mother, I know the importance of a quality education to ensure a promising future for our kids. As a school board member, I’ve seen that access to opportunity isn’t universal, and that we must do more to help all kids thrive.”

-Chrissy Reitz

As a lifelong advocate for kids, Chrissy knows that access to quality education is key to the success of our young people. Chrissy will advocate for stable school funding and access to a wide range of opportunities upon graduation, including career and technical education, skilled trades, and affordable two-and four-year college.

Chrissy’s Education Priorities:

  • Increase emphasis on Vocational and Career-Technical education and college readiness programs to ensure Oregon graduates have the tools they need to be successful upon leaving high school.

  • Work to both increase and stabilize education funding in Oregon.

  • Prioritize investments in Early Childhood Education so kids are ready and eager to learn by the time they begin K-12.

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Accessible, Affordable Healthcare

“During my time as a neonatal intensive care nurse, I saw how important access to healthcare can be at all stages of life — from childhood through your golden years. I've seen the difference healthcare can make in the lives of our young people and how it helps our seniors age with dignity. As your State Senator, I’ll work to ensure all Oregonians have access to quality, affordable care.”

-Chrissy Reitz

As a former neonatal nurse, Chrissy has seen how critical access to healthcare is early on, and during all phases of our lives. All Oregonians should have access to affordable healthcare - regardless of their income. Chrissy will work to improve access to quality, affordable healthcare services in our community and work to reduce the price of prescription drugs.

Chrissy’s Healthcare Priorities:

  • Continue the work from Oregon’s 2017 legislative session on prescription drug transparency in an attempt to understand and address the cost drivers of healthcare.

  • Work creatively to bring healthcare services into underserved communities - including rural areas - such as increasing the number of School Based Health Centers in Oregon.

  • Prioritize stable state funding for healthcare so more Oregonians, including all Oregon kids, have access to care.

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Healthy Environment

“Oregon is the most beautiful state in the nation, and we need strong conservation and protection laws that will keep it that way. As the voice for Senate District 26 in Salem, I will fight for common sense environmental policies that will help ensure we have clean air and water for future generations, and dynamic land use laws that protect our farmlands and natural resources.”

-Chrissy Reitz

As a longtime resident of the Hood River Valley, Chrissy is dedicated to protecting Oregon’s natural beauty, resources and agricultural lands. She'll advocate for policies that balance the economic viability of farmlands with the preservation of natural resources.

Chrissy’s Environmental Priorities:

  • Support smart land use and planning that protects our forests and preserves the economic viability of our irreplaceable farmland.

  • Work to enact critical climate protection policies that benefit Oregon’s environment and economy, such as Clean Energy Jobs.

  • Support shifting Oregon from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy like wind and solar.


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